Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chicken Soup for Job Seekers- 2nd Portion

Are you unhappy with your present job? Do you get indecisive each time you receive a new job offer? Do you get pulled between your head and your heart when it comes to making a choice in your career? So here’s the second portion of chicken soup for a Dream Job seeker’s soul. Read on…

This is an attempt to make all you unhappy career people realize that your job can be your tool to carve out happiness & satisfaction in your lives, provided the job you choose is by your choice or is a choice of people surrounding you.

Life may not give us a second chance but when it comes to our career, its far more than just one or two chances. Thanks to the numerous job consultants and job portals that have not only simplified our job search but also keep dropping in several job offers almost each day. One such portal is, which is India’s number 1 job portal and has recently launched its international branch in the Middle East for Jobs in Middle East called For more information on these job portals log on to - jobs in India and - jobs in Gulf.

Our real challenge is in using these job opportunities in a way that won’t leave us regretting in the future. For this we first need to understand what we feel as right, is our own thought or a thought coated by other people’s thoughts. Following is a list of guidelines that will help tap your hidden colours that’ll brighten up your career life and find your dream job.

Be as you are: Be your true self all of the time because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to step into a false persona. This way you will preserve on a lot of positive energy and as a consequence your productivity at workplace will also improve.

Failures are pillars: Failure isn't something anyone can avoid. Failure is merely a tool, a gauge that tells us whether we achieved our goal or not. The proper response to failure is always: re-assess your actions, regroup and try again. That’s why failures are nothing but pillars, which make us stronger to take up more risks without letting us shatter.

Do what you enjoy doing: Your work shouldn’t seem to be a mere job to you. Find a job that fulfills you, aligns with your passions and gives you energy instead of draining you.

Your job gels with your life: Find a job that will integrate perfectly into your lifestyle and will feel like a natural part of you. It will have the same values as you and will not ask you to embrace values that do not resonate with you or to go against your beliefs. You will wake up every day excited about going to work instead of dreading it.

If you had just 1 year to live: If you had only one year left and had to continue to work for a living, what would you change about your day to day life right now? Would you continue to work for your current employer or would you do something that satisfies your heart? Think about it…

Take some time to let your thoughts wander beyond the confines of your normal routine and see the possibilities that exist. Take out a piece of paper and list them! Popular Motivational writer, Josh Hinds said, "While aimlessly waiting for their so-called SHIP to come in and change their life for the better, far too many people miss the boat that could actually carry them to a brighter future. They are often so afraid of testing new waters that they spend an entire lifetime waiting on the shore...Begin your journey now!"

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